Setting up Chat: Edit

By default your chat tabs are rather straight forward, isolated and not very colorful. This is easily fixed by using the ' > ' next to Send to open up the Chat Settings.
Dawn of Fantasy Chat
To get started, we should click on the Channel Settings:

- Here you can select each of the Channels and change the color to something other than Grey.
- You also have the option to 'Flash Channel'.
- Any Tab that has this channel (and the chat box itself if you have it minimized) will flash when a new message is posted.

- By changing each of the 3 racial regions to the same color, you can make it easier to find where someone is on the map.
- The remaining colors are just my personal preference.

Dawn of Fantasy Channel Settings (1)
Next we will click on the Tab Settings and select the General Tab:

- There are two font sizes available (12, 14).
- Here you can see that I have selected ALL the Channels to be displayed in my General Tab.
- This allows me to keep 'tabs' on all the other tabs without having to click over.
- The rate of new posts are normally comfortable to view from a single tab.
- Be ready for comedy! You'll often see players asking questions in Help and World at the same time, with different people answering in different tabs.
Please note that you must completely exit the game for the new colors to show up in the settings!

Dawn of Fantasy General (1)
The remaining Tabs:

- I recommend having Whispers selected for all the remaining channels.
- You'll also want to note that you have to be in the applicable Tab to be talking on that channel.
- An example is 'Help'. If you have questions on the game this is a good channel to be in as Moderators and Developers often frequent it.

Dawn of Fantasy Help (1)