Control Action
PC Mouse Left Click
Select a unit
PC Mouse Left Click
Add a unit to selected group
Ctrl+09 Define selected units as a group
09 Select numbered group
PC Mouse Left Click
Group select on map: hold while moving drawbox selection around desired group
PC Mouse Right Click
Walk to specified location (select unit first)
PC Mouse Right Click
PC Mouse Right Click
x2 or Shift+
Run to specified location (select unit first)
PC Mouse Right Click
(on enemy or structure)
Attack (select attacking unit first)
PC Mouse
at screen edge
Scroll the screen
PC Mouse Right Click
and drag
Rapid scroll
 ↑  ↓  or 
PC Mouse Middle Click
Rotate camera
mousewheel up or down Zoom camera
Esc Bring up in-game menu
Space or Enter Skip in-game cinematic

Army Controls for the army window. Edit

  • PvP: This brings up the pvp screen allowing you to choose the options for you the match maker will match you with other players and whether you want to fight a town vs army battle or an army vs army battle.
  • View Area: Takes you to a generated battle map of your region with only creeps on it. Very good for leveling units and looting when starting out.
    Dawn of Fantasy Painted army window controls
  • Build Camp: There are 3 encampments available to build. After building a camp you will be able to recruit limited mercenaries from the countryside. Once you build a camp your army will be unable to move and the

encampment buildings and or walls will show up in your pvp or view area mode.

  • Discard Units: This will permanently delete the players troops and or resources.
  • Split Troops: This will create a new army by allowing the player to transfer units/resources from the current army to a new one.
  • Garrison: Only active near home town,garrisons troops in city.

Town Edit

Home City controls explained.

  • Create Army button: Allows you to create a new army by transferring troops out of your home city and into the
    Painted home city controls
    new army. There is a 5 army limit per home city.
  • Transfer: This allows you to swap units and resources from your army to your city and vice versa. It only works when the army is next to the home city.
  • Discard: This will permanently delete your units and resources. Be careful!