Elves have long been residents of the forest and as such they build all of their buildings on "great trees" which are arranged in a circle around the central settlement tree. Houses are the only buildings that they build separately from their trees. Each of the great tree buildings has multiple functions and so many elven players build several of the same building in order to achieve more production.

Military Buildings Edit

War Lodge - The War Lodge trains Infantry and researches Upgrades. Trains Sentries, Bladestorms, Grand Masters, researches Infantry Upgrades.

Tree Dwelling - The Tree Dwelling allows the training of Ranged units and researches Upgrades. Trains Rangers and Wardens and researches upgrades for units and the economy. A mix of both military and economy this building is a boon to an early settlement for it's ability to create more villagers and elven archers.

Arcane Sanctuary - The Arcane Sanctuary trains Magic Wielders. Trains Enchanters.

Economy Buildings Edit

The Settlement Tree - The Settlement trains basic unit and researches. It is also a Resource Drop Off point. Trains Male Wardens, Female Wardens, Builds Walls.

Empty great tree - Provides slow trickle of wood and is a platform for constructing other buildings.

Alchemy Lab -The Alchemy Lab can Transmute resources. It can Transmute resources to Wood, Stone or Gold. It provides a strong resource trickle to one resource and a minor negative trickle in the other resources.

Sylvan Shrine - The Sylvan Shrine trains Unicorns and provides a Food trickle. It also populates the forest with purchasable deer.

Tree Symbiosis - The Tree Symbiosis summons Forest Spirits, and gatherable Food, Stone or Gold nodes. Forest spirits provide a wood trickle.

Elven Residence - The Elven Residence increases the cities population cap. It will also contribute to the resource trickle provided by your settlement.