Elven questing armies tend to consist of high level Grandmasters as a jack of all trades, a few high level Rangers and a mix of Mounted Grandmasters/Mounted Rangers and Enchanters. Enchanters heal ability makes them a valuable addition to any questing army. A surprisingly good unit for elven quests is Bladestorms. Their fast rate of movement and high attack work well for escort or quick strike missions. Also don't forget to make use of the elven "hide" ability to get your troops into position before revealing themselves to the enemy. If you're looking to get max gold out of your quests don't forget a unit of wardens.A hero is required to enter a quest. Quests allow either 12 or 20 units to join them so pick carefully which troops you bring.

Early Quests Edit

  • Tree Dwelling
  • Cleanse the Forest
  • Mysterious Letter
  • Shadow Strike
  • Refugees
  • The Trail of Blood
  • Trail Continues
  • Inquisition
  • The Trials Begin

Mid Quests Edit

  • Honor
  • Enemies Abound
  • Woe to the Wood Elf
  • Boleta Sings Pain
  • A Union of Hope
  • Hopes Swift Soaring
  • Unkind Mankind
  • War Upon Man
  • The Traitor Stirs
  • The Stench of Gelmee
  • Trick of the Fight
  • A Reckoning
  • War upon the Ancient Enemy

Late Quests Edit

  • Message of Steel
  • Wounding the Beast
  • Victory's Cut
  • Strength in Numbers
  • One Chant in a Lifetime
  • The Endless Horde
  • Strike before Stricken
  • The Punishing Blow
  • A Deathly Dream
  • The Mighty are Chosen
  • The Gathering Blade
  • The Ongoing Struggle
  • Sing True, Strike True
  • Movements of Great Discords
  • Contrapuntal Fury
  • Quelling the unrest