Vassal and City Interface: Edit

  • In Kingdom Wars you will encounter several types of NPC (the Computer) controlled cities. These may include:
    • Trade Partners where you have a diplomacy greater than 2. These cities will allow you to utilize city services (such as markets for mercenaries, resources, healing and training).
    • Allies where you have a diplomacy greater than 4. These cities will perform the above services at a discount.
    • Vassals where you have subjugated the population and have additional options to manage resources and recruit units.
    • Neutral Cities where you can not utilize city services.
    • Cities at War with you where you also can not utilize city services.
  • The difference between these cities can be controlled by the player presenting gifts of 2500 gold to raise your diplomacy level by 1.
  • It is a good idea to make the closest city to your home an ally. This will likely be where you do most of your resource trading and unit training.
  • Depending on where you conduct most of your war operations, it may also be beneficial to have an ally near by as well.

City Management Edit

  • You can enter city management by having an army located on the city or by selecting a vassal city.
Dawn of Fantasy Vassal Enter City Icon
Dawn of Fantasy Vassal Exit City Icon
  • Simple navigation. When already in your city you can use the Enter City button to have your hero walk around town and handle quests.
Dawn of Fantasy Vassal Diplomacy Icon
  • From this screen you may present gifts in 2500 gold increments to raise your faction.
  • You may also release vassals and declare war from this screen as well.
  • Note: if you receive a quest to siege a vassal town, you will need to release them and declare war!
Dawn of Fantasy Vassal Goods Market Icon
  • This screen can be a major player in your game play.
  • At the top you can see the resources from your army or vassal along with the exchange rate for selling.
  • At the bottom you can see the exchange rate for the resources being sold by the city services.
  • If you have several allies and/or vassals you can check this screen at different locations so that you can trade resources you have excess of for the resources you are running low on.
  • In the screen shot you can see that if I had 10,000 stone to trade, I could walk away with 9,200 units of wood.
  • This is far better than what a level 5 market would get you (roughly 5,000 units).
300px-Dawn of Fantasy Vassal Goods Market
Dawn of Fantasy Vassal Healing Services Icon
  • Next we have our Healing Services.
  • This will top up each of your unit's health.
  • This is especially useful right after a siege if you would like to quickly move on to the next target (rather than setting up a camp to heal over time).
300px-Dawn of Fantasy Vassal Healing Services
Dawn of Fantasy Vassal Livestock Market Icon
  • Now we have our Livestock Market.
  • This is how different races can obtain the other race's trickle income livestock.
  • It works much the same as the Goods Market.
300px-Dawn of Fantasy Vassal Livestock Market
Dawn of Fantasy Vassal Mercenaries Market Icon
  • Like a foreign unit?
  • This is where you can hire them for a steep gold cost.
300px-Dawn of Fantasy Vassal Mercenaries Market
Dawn of Fantasy Vassal Recruit Units Icon
  • Vassals Only
  • Like your own units?
  • This is where you can recruit them for about twice the cost of a level 5 building.
  • When your siege army is down a unit or two it is often easier / faster to just purchase a new one from a nearby vassal.
300px-Dawn of Fantasy Vassal Recruit Units
Dawn of Fantasy Vassal Training Grounds Icon
  • Leveling with gold rather than time!
  • The prices listed are per level.
  • At the start, only leveling your highest normal unit until they hit 20 can be a beneficial way to raise a quest army.
300px-Dawn of Fantasy Vassal Training Grounds

Manage Economy Edit

Dawn of Fantasy Vassal Manage Economy Icon
  • This city service deserves its own section.
  • Once a city has become a Vassal you unlock:
    • The previously mentioned Recruit Units.
    • A once a day Crown Tribute (at the same time as your daily reward).
    • Trickle Resource Generation in the form of trade routes.
    • A 60 unit cap Encampment that you can also use as a resource work camp.
Dawn of Fantasy Vassal Manage Economy
  • Here you can see all the sources of resource generation for your Vassal.
  • Where there may be several sources (such as workers and marauders for food) you may see a ? that you can hover over for more information.
  • You can assign any gatherer units to what they can gather here.
  • Each town has a natural trickle baseline displayed.
  • Any livestock that contributes trickle is displayed.
  • And finally, those trade route trickles are displayed.

Trading Edit

Dawn of Fantasy Vassal Trade
  • Our trade routes can be a bit confusing at first, but get really simple very quickly.
  • Each route sells resources your city creates (-) and buys other resources to bring back {+}.
  • Some routes can bring in more resources than they sell.
  • Others may break even; essentially converting your resources.
  • You may have 3 routes; each can have 3 levels of trade (1x, 2x, 3x).

Optimizing your Economy Edit

  • There are a few thoughts for optimizing your economy; and it all starts with trade:
    • First, we know from above that our towns can typically convert between resources at a very favorable rate (92% in the example).
    • With this in mind, we don't care what we trade, only how much we get from that.
    • You'll select level x3 for the 3 routes that give you the highest amount of any single resource.
    • When there is a tie, gold is more efficient for resource conversion and should be prioritized.
  • After establishing your trade, you'll likely see some negative numbers such as the food loss on the screen shot.
    • On your Manage Economy page (not on the Trade, it is ok there) you'll correct any negatives.
    • Keep in mind our town here has a base resource generation that actually covers our trade deficit.
    • If it did not, you would need to assign workers until the gap is made up; otherwise your trade income will be lower (can't trade what you don't have).
  • Keep a balance of Gold and Goods!
    • To minimize the number of times you need to do something about your vassals, your gold income should equal the total goods income. In this way they fill at the same rate and need to be dealt with at the same time.
    • Your balance of Food/Stone/Wood does not really matter (I try to keep them equal to each other). This is because most of the time you'll be converting everything into one or two resources and sending it back to your city to make up for whatever you are spending the most on recently.

Transporting your Resources Home Edit

Dawn of Fantasy Vassal Send
  • The most efficient way to transport resources is to load up an army and bring it all back with you.
  • The second method is to utilize the Send interface.
    • This commands a 20% tax. If you send 1,000 gold home, 800 will make it into your treasury.
    • With an optimal economy from above, you'll have plenty of time before your vassals become full.
    • Time is money though, and even with the 20% hit, and the 90%ish conversion losses, you are likely still doing better than using your home market.
  • Another thing to note; Vassals make great loot drop points as well.
    • Your Army can move to a Vassal; use the reduced price healing / leveling / recruiting prices; and then have everything left over shipped back home.